Cleaning is as necessary and important as summer storage to maintain your fur's original brilliance and luster.

Annual cleaning is recommended to remove dust, dirt, oils and other soiling substances and residues that can accumulate on your furs.

Even if your fur has been worn minimally or not all, perfume, makeup, and smoke can adhere to the fur causing the hairs to weaken and change color and the pelts to dry out. The guard hairs will eventually break off, affecting its appearance and durability. Another problem is oxidation (a natural process that changes the color of fur, causing lighter furs to yellow and darker furs to become lighter).

Please note that the fur cleaning process is very different from the dry cleaning process used on your clothes. Dry cleaning uses chemicals that can dry out fur and make the leather brittle. When Giorgios Pappas Furrier cleans your fur, we use a custom process that has been specifically designed to clean and revitalize furs.

First, the process removes the dirt and excess oils. Next, your fur is glazed to bring out the natural sheen and luster. This process preserves the elegance of your treasured fur providing maximum durability.

Giorgios Pappas Furrier also provides essential cleaning services for leathers, shearlings, suedes and cashmeres. And, to protect against the effects of harsh weather, Giorgios Pappas Furrier offers a specialized treatment for suedes, leathers and shearlings.